Physiology, Physics and Philosophy

When was the last time you felt 'in flow'? You know what I am talking about, that state-of-being where you are completely present, in union with all the energy around you? Under what conditions do you normally feel this sense of union, awe and inspiration? Even better, what are you grateful for in your life?

Experiences in which we feel 'in flow' or grateful produce a powerful unifying force which strengthen our sense of esteem, efficacy, awareness and altruism. They inspire our dreams, bolster our intuition and put wind under our wings! Moreover, these experiences physically effect the structure and physiology of our brain!  On a tangible microscopic level, our brain is sensing, interpreting, categorizing and responding to  a myriad of electrical and chemical signals from our sensory organ during every moment of life! The nervous system is always hard at work, decoding energy waves and chemical messages in order to grant your mind the ability to unify our feelings, thoughts and actions. On a cellular level, our brain is doing all it has ever been trained to do in order to keep us alive, fortunately, with persistence, patience and practice our mind can play to our brain's infinite plasticity in order to create new emotional, cognitive and motor patterns. We are life long learners which is why we must be diligent in focusing our mind in order to create the life we want.

As a philosophy yoga honors all life as one unified energy force. The limbs of yoga assert specific practices to guide our thoughts and action in order to enhance our quality of life. The mindful practice of these philosophies are transferable and applicable to all daily activities and recreational pursuits, serving to elevate our emotional stability and mental flexibility. The practice of yoga embraces and enables our natural ability to consciously direct the development of our nervous system's synaptic connections so that it serves to be advantageous and fruitful in our journey! Dually, the physical practice of yoga plays to our biological ability to adapt and thrive by exercising the mind/body connection in a way that directly strengthens and balances the entire system.

Mental Fitness and Yoga

Mental fitness is the ability to be cognitively flexible and emotionally stable.

Mental fitness is equally dependent on anatomical and physiological components that are electrical, chemical and structural. 

The mind shapes the body and the body shapes the mind. Our neural circuitry is dynamic and complex, plastic and regenerative. Additionally, when we combine multiple sensory stimulus, like thinking, breathing and movement we strengthen the synaptic connections we are consciously working towards developing! Remember, neurons that fire together, wire together!

Embark in a focused practice that embraces our natural ability to monitor our autonomic nervous system, increasing the grey matter in the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex, elongating telomeres and bringing balance to your endocrine system. Essentially, we are increasing the ability to think comprehensively, critically, creatively, compassionately and clearly while enhancing our overall mood, perspective and quality of life.


Physical Performance and Yoga

Optimal physical strength, range of motion, endurance and resilience is in reach for any one willing to execute a focused practice! The cells do as they are demand, and so with time and  consistent practice they will prove to strengthen the entire system. This statement is universally true for all ability levels.

However, what is of greatest interest is the mind/brain and how physical activity helps it re-pattern neuronal circuits while balancing the neuroendocrine system. This stimulates awareness of the mind/body connection and in our ability to be agent of change.

Embrace your anatomical and physiological ability! Participating in this fun filled movement activity is just the beginning of a life long journey!

Community Connection  and Yoga

We, as organisms, are interdependent and social in nature. We have the ability to connect and communicate, verbally and gesturally. This communication effects us on a neurological and emotional level which is why being mindful and compassionate is vital to success and happiness. These traits strengthen our sense of resilience, increase our creative productivity and provide purpose to our lives. 

We have the ability to build upon our shared body of knowledge and understanding. We can use this to be advantageously adaptive and altruistic!

Adventure into activities that embrace the energy of safety, inclusiveness and equality in order to grow our sense of trust, confidence, compassion and resilience.


    Play to your biology! Aspire to inspire!

Embrace your ability to shine!