My Why.

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It all started when...

I sustained a traumatic brain injury in a car accident. I am grateful for this experience on every level of my existence even though it scrambled and challenged everything I knew. At the time, I was 18, a straight A student, and had to relearn how to read, write, talk, walk, think, comprehend, regulate my emotions and socialize all over again. The following  7 years put me to the test and has greatly influences how I live my life. The understanding I gained through this is the driving force of why I believe everyone has the ability to feel fulfilled, purposeful and happy! We all have the ability to embrace our ability and to live at our personal optimal level. We have the ability to live in balance with nature and in harmony with each other. 

I have always been obsessed with nature, science and human development, specifically how the mind/brain cooperate. This is a knowledge base I fuel daily in order to help others. Our brain, like all muscles, is condition through mental and physical actives. So too is our mental and emotional state.

My intent is that you feel empowered to live at an inspired level, to journey towards your greatest purpose and to nurture a sustainable and healthy life style of your choosing! If there is one thing I know to be true in this life, it is that we can ultimately do ANYTHING we put our mind to and consistently practice toward!

It is my utmost pleasure and privilege to share with you. And If there is anything I can promise, it is that I will always give all my energy to serve to the best of my ability. I hope to connect with you along our shared journey!

Light and love, my friends!

May you be inspired to live confidently and think freely!

May you nurture your uniqueness in all of its beautiful!

May you love the light within and share it as a beacon of hope with the world!