Elevating Neurological Health and Wellness through Mindful Practice.


    Fusing education, yoga and recreation into a functional practice that develops optimal physical, mental and emotional health and wellness. It is by embracing our innate ability to balance the mind/body connection that we develop (neuroendocrine) resilience.


My Inspiration and reason Why

It is not what we do but rather how we do it that makes the difference in life. Our energy creates our reality.

Our stories of growth have great value for they communicate lessons to others and increase our collective understanding and resilience. In this life, our paths are many, but the truths are the same. Your truth has purpose and it can start a movement!

I welcome you into my inspiration, my internal-drive, my reason why.

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Connecting Art and science

Art and Science are as indivisible as the mind and the brain.

There are beautiful and intelligent patters at work in the universe. We have the ability to observe them, learn because of them, create like them and elevate our consciousness to live in collective balance and harmony. 

We can play to our biology's ability to thrive. 

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